MetalloFluor™ Series

ZnAF®-2/ ZnAF®-2 DA

[Zinc ion imaging probe]

495-540 nm:Green

ZnAF-2, that has structure of fluorescein connected with TPEN analog, has high specificity to Zn2+.ZnAF-2 has high solubility, so that it is not permeable through the cell membrane. ZnAF-2 DA has an additional acetyl group which make the reagent go inside the cell much easier, and the acetyl group is removed by the intracellular esterase which make the reagent stay inside the cell for long time.

ZnAF is a registrated trademark of Daiichi Pure Chemical. The ownership of the trademark was inherited by SEKISUI Medical and now is owned by Goryo Chemical, Inc.


Available through Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany) as:
SCT 031 BioTracker™ 515 Green Zn2+ Dye
SCT 032 BioTracker™ 515 Green Zn2+ DA Dye



Code No. Product Name Size Merck CAT No. Merck ( Millipore / Sigma Aldrich )
Product Name
SK2001-01 ZnAF®-2 1 mg SCT031 BioTracker 515 Green Zn2+ Dye
SK2002-01 ZnAF®-2 DA 1 mg SCT032 BioTracker 515 Green Zn2+ DA Dye


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    Propertites of ZnAF-2


    Product Name
    target cell permeability
    reaction Absmax (nm) FLmax (nm) Kd for Zn2+ (nM)
    ε Φ
    ZnAF-2 Zn2+ no reversible 492 514 2.7 120,000 0.39
    ZnAF-2 DA Zn2+ yes reversible 492 514 2.7 120,000 0.39



    • High affinity to Zn2+ that enables us to detect low concentration of Zn2+ (dissociation constant: 2.7 nM).
    • High specificity to Zn2+ in the buffer.
    • Low background fluorescence contributes high sensitivity of Zn2+ in living sample.
    • ZnAF-2 DA is permeable through the cell membrane, so that by using the reagent, bioimaging in living cell or tissue is available.
    • ZnAF-2 DA is deacetylated by esterase in the cell, and it stays inside the cell for long time.



    Principle of the measurement

    Complex of ZnAF-2 and Zn2+ has green fluorescence (wavelength of 515 nm) by the excitation at 492 nm.



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