[Fluorescent reagent for detection of labile iron (II) ions]

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FerroOrange is an orange fluorescent probe that specifically detects labile iron (II) ions (Fe2+) only. The intensity of fluorescence does not increase in the presence of iron (III) ions (Fe3+) or bivalent metal ions other than iron. It also does not react to chelated iron in ferritin and other substances. FerroOrange is suitable for live-cell imaging because it is highly cell-permeable and has low cell toxicity.


Product Target Cell permeability Reactivity Absmax
FerroOrange Labile irons (Fe2+) Yes Irreversible 542 572

Absorption and fluorescence spectra

FerroOrange absorption spectrum (left) and fluorescence spectrum change (right). Due to reaction with Fe2+, the fluorescence intensity increases markedly maximizing at 572 nm wavelength.

An Example of Live-cell imaging

Live cell imaging of HepG2 cells by FerroOrange without loading Fe2+ (left) and with loading Fe2+ (right). The image was taken after 1 hour culture at 37˚C 5% CO2 with HBSS containing 1 µM FerroOrange. A significant increase of fluorescence intensity can be seen on the image with Fe2+ (right) comparing to the image without Fe2+ (left). To load Fe2+, HepG2 cells were cultured for 30 minutes in HBSS containing 100 µM of Fe(SO4)2(NH4)2, and then washed with HBSS to remove extracellular Fe2+. The orange pseudo color shows the fluorescence image of FerroOrange. These cells were observed under a filter set with excitation wavelength 530-560 nm and fluorescence wavelength 570-650 nm.

Refer to Application notes for analysis method and application examples.

We are grateful to Dr. Hideko Nagasawa and Dr. Tasuku Hirayama (Gifu Pharmaceutical University) with their support and advices for the commercialization of FerroOrange.

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