Goryo Chemical creates innovative fluorescent probes through licensing and in-house value addition by expanding applications in cell biology and expediently bringing them to researchers in academia, small biotech as well as large pharmaceutical companies.

Unique partnerships with life science instrument companies both in the invitro and invivo.

Experimentation stages create solutions to understand both hypothesis driven as well as discovery research. A solid background in chemistry pertaining to optical probes that are uniquely tailored to elucidate cellular mechanisms in biology through relationships with Tokyo University ( Prof. Nagano and Prof. Urano) and Hokkaido University ( Nobel prize winner Prof. Suzuki) makes Goryo uniquely positioned to be a premier supplier of fluorescent reagents bridging the invitro to invivo, and to human translation.

In clinical trials, we also develop new fluorescent probes that can detect cancer for fluorescent image guided surgery at pre-clinical and clinical trials in JAPAN.

In the near future, we will provide new methods for fluorescent image guided surgery for patients.