About Goryo Chemical, Inc.

Goryo Chemical creates innovative fluorescent probes through licensing and in-house value addition by expanding applications in cell biology and expediently bringing them to researchers in academia, small biotech as well as large pharmaceutical companies.
In clinical trials, we also develop new fluorescent probes that can detect cancer for fluorescent image guided surgery at pre-clinical and clinical trials in JAPAN.

In the near future, we will provide new methods for fluorescent image guided surgery for patients.

Development of Navigation Drug for cancer surgery using activatable fluorescent probe

In cancer surgery, complete removal of the cancer cells is essential, and visualization of minute cancer is a major challenge. Goryo Chemical, Inc. has successfully developed an activatable fluorescent probe (designated as a navigation drug: ND) which can visualize minute target sites with high-sensitivity and selectively.

Research Reagent

Goryo Chemical, Inc. is the only manufacturer specialized in fluorescent dyes in Japan.
We have various product of highly sensitive and unique fluorescent probes, including oxidative stress-related reagents and enzyme activity detection reagents. Please use free word search and advanced search.