Creating New fluorescent probes by Chemical Biology. NO PROBE, NO DISCOVERY. Visualization of -galactosidase
Usable for Live Cell Imaging
High sensitivity
High retention ability in cell pH probe for labeling protein and nucleic acid
Just mixing
High S/N ratio
High responsivity after labeled to protein Red-fluorescent Ca2+ probe
CaTM-2(TM) / CaTM-2(TM) AM 
Fluoresce at red region
High sensitivity to Ca2+
Visualize fluctuation of Ca2+ in cytoplasm CaSiR-1(TM) / CaSiR-1(TM) AM 
Near-infrared Emission
Large Increase in Fluorescence Intensity upon Binding Ca2+
Usable for Live Cell Imaging pH probe for acidic organelle imaging
AcidiFluor ORANGE(TM)
High S/N Ratio
Orange Color Fluorescence and Usable for Multicolor Imaging
Great Photostability

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  • [Cancer cell imaging probe]
For detecting cancer in living cell

  • [Visualization of β-galactosidase]
For gene analysis of lacZ in 'live' cell

  • AcidiFluor ORANGE(TM)-NHS
pH probe for labeling protein andnucleic acid

  • Ca2+ probe CaTM-2(TM) / CaTM-2(TM) AM
Red-colored fluorescent Calcium probe

  • Ca2+ probe CaSiR-1(TM) / CaSiR-1(TM) AM
Near-Infrared Ca2+ probe

  • pH probe AcidiFluor ORANGE(TM)
pH probe for Acidic Organelle Imaging

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