POLARIC® Labeling Kit

[Fluorophores for labeling]


POLARIC Labeling Kit is ready-to-use kit to label proteins with POLARIC-NHS. POLARIC can be conjugated to primary amines, which is in lysine residues. It contains of solvent, buffer solutions and purification kit. It could not apply to proteins which molecular weight is less than 30 kDa.


Code No. Product Name Size Merck CAT No. Merck ( Millipore / Sigma Aldrich )
Product Name
GC211 POLARIC® Labeling Kit 5 times labelng


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    Kit contains:

    • POLARIC-NHS × 5  times labeling
    • Dimethylsulfoxide 500 μL × 1
    • Reaction Buffer 1.5 mL × 1
    • Washing Buffer 10 mL × 1
    • Ultrafilteration spin column × 5

    By this kit, users can prepare samples, label proteins and purify labeled proteins. POLARIC -NHS 1 times labeling contains an amount enough for labling 100 μg of protenis such as  IgG.


    • Note: It can not be used for proteins of <30 kDa.