Contract Uptake Assay Systems of Fluorescent-Labeled Substances


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– Quantitating the activity of uptaking of substance by cells using fluorescence
– Easy to screening many samples by 96well plate―

We label the substance with fluorescence and produce your own assay plate. Drugs which enhance/atteuate activity of uptake of substance by cells are quantified simply. We label your substance with fluorescence your request.

Example of exam:Quantitation uptaking of TAMRA labeled amyloid-β by Microglia cell
  1. Label amyloid-β with TAMRA by solid-phase synthesis.
  2. Oligomerize TAMRA labeled amyloid-β see detail and coated on 96 well plate.
  3. Seed microglia cell.
  4. Incubate for 24 hours, collect culture supernatant and measure fluorescence intensity(Ex.:555nm, Em.:585nm). Control experiment is performed in the well with no cell.


TAMRA labeled amyloid-β oligomer were incorporated by Microglia cell and after 24 hours, collected supernatants were measured fluorescence intensity. It is suggested that microglia cells incorporated TAMRA labeled amyloid-β and released to culture supernatant.


Microglial cells was seeded on the plate which was coated with TMR-βamyloid oligomer and stimulated with various drugs. After 24 hours, the supernatant was collected and fluorescence intensity was measured. The Graph indicates relative change of uptake activity (additive-free Control is assumed 1) of TMR-β amyloid oligomer by each drugs.

Goryo Chemical, Inc. Custom Assay System survice


Provide us
your substance
Provide us your substance Please provide us purified substance which is incorporated by cells.
Fluorescent label We label the substance with fluorescence you requested and purify them.
assay plate
Produce assay plate We coat 96well plate with fluorescence labeled substance.
Performance test
Delivery Delivery We delivery assay plate with report.
Price and delivery time
Term Unit Price Delivery time
Fluorescence labeld assay plate 1plate Contact us About 4 weeks
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