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FerroFarRed (also known as SiRhoNox-1 or ER-SiRhoNox) is a fluorescent probe that specifically detects labile iron (II) ions (Fe2+). This probe is designed to selectively react with only Fe2+ separately from other metal ions and irreversibly turns into a far-red fluorescent substance. It mainly localizes inside endoplasmic reticulum (ER). It can also be used with a flow cytometer equipped with a red laser.


Product Target Cell permeability Fluorescence Absmax
FerroFarRed Labile Iron (Fe2+) Yes Irreversible 646 662

Absorption and fluorescence spectrum

Absorption spectrum (left image) and fluorescence spectrum when excited at 630 nm (right image) of FerroFarRed. Reaction with Fe2+ significantly increases the fluorescence intensity to a maximum of 662 nm.

An Example of live-cell imaging

HeLa cells cultured for 30 minutes in serum-free medium containing 100 μM Fe(SO4)2(NH4)2 (right) and HeLa cells without loading Fe2+ (left). The cells were washed with HBSS to remove extracellular Fe2+ ions before reacting with 5 µM FerroFarRed at 37oC for 1 hour. The cells were observed under a fluorescence microscope using a 590-650 nm excitation filter and a 660-740 nm fluorescence filter. The magenta pseudo color shows the fluorescent image of FerroFarRed. Grayscale images of DIC and magenta pseudo color were overload.

Refer to application notes and references for analysis methods and applications.


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