AcidiFluor™ ORANGE Labeling Kit


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GC304 AcidiFlluor ORANGE™
Labeling Kit
NHS-ester 5 samples $698.00

AcidiFluor™ ORANGE-NHS (succinimidyl ester) is pH probe “AcidiFluor™ ORANGE” which bonds amino groups of protein etc., and not need condensing agent. Not only antibody or protein but also oligonucleotide which terminal amination can be labeled by NHS. The contents of this kit cover from labeling to purification. A portion of AcidiFluor™ ORANGE-NHS is included most appropriate amount for labeling 100 μg of IgG.

Kit Contents

  • AcidiFluor™ ORANGE-NHS× 5
  • Reaction Buffer5mL × 1
  • Washing Buffer10mL × 1
  • Filtration spin column× 5


DO NOT use for 30kDa or fewer samples.


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