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    GlycoFluor™ Series

Code no. Product Size Price Remarks Application note
GC601 GlycoYELLOW™-βGal 50μg×10 $598

[Visualization of -galactosidase]

GC611 GlycoGREEN™-βGal 30 nmol × 5 $398

[Detection of β-galactosidase by green fluorescence ]

GC1001 EsterYELLOW™- Ac 50 μg × 10 $498

[Confirming the survival of the cell]

SK4001-01 TokyoGreen®–βGal 1 mg $598

[Imaging of galctosidase]

SK4002-01 TokyoGreen®–βGlu 1 mg $598

[Imaging of β-glucosidase]

SK4003-01 TokyoGreen®–βGlcU(Na) 1 mg $598

[Imaging of β-glucuronidase]

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