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NOFluor™ Series

Code no. Product Size Price Remarks Application note
SK1001-01 Diaminofluorescein-2(DAF-2) 1mg $521.00  [Green Fluorescence]NO detecting probe  
SK1002-01 Diaminofluorescein-2 diacetate(DAF-2 DA) 1mg $522.00 [Cell-Permeable Green Fluorescence]NO detecting probe  
SK1003-01 Diaminofluorescein-FM(DAF-FM) 1mg $502.00 NO detectable fluorescence in acidic envionment  
SK1004-01 Diaminofluorescein-FM diacetate(DAF-FM DA) 1mg $506.00 [Cell-Permeable Fluorescence]NO detectable fluorescence in acidic environment  
SK1005-01 Diaminorhodamine-4M(DAR-4M) 1mg $586.00 [Orange Fluorescence]NO detecting probe  
SK1006-01 Diaminorhodamine-4M acetoxymethyl ester(DAR-4M AM) 1mg $640.00 [Cell-Permeable Orange Fluorescence]NO detecting probe  

Type and Characteristics of Fluorescent Probes for Detecting Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)

Name of Reagant Rroduct Name Characteristics Cell Permeability Maximum Excitation Wavelength (nm) Maximum Fluorescent Wavelength (nm) Color Available pH
1 Diaminofluorescein-2 DAF-2 Most widely used with performamnce. 495 515 Green > 7
Diaminofluorescein-2 diacetate DAF-2 DA 495 515 > 7
2 Diaminofluorescein-FM DAF-FM High fluorescence intensity even at low pH condithions. Higher sensitivity than DAF-2 495 515 > 5.5
Diaminofluorescein-FM diacetate DAF-FM DA 495 515 > 5.5
3 Diaminorhodamine-4M DAR-4M Excitation by the light with long wave length minimizes the influence from autofluorescence from the cell. Usable at the wide range of pH. 560 575 Orange 4-12
Diaminorhodamine-4M acetoxymethyl DAR-4M AM 560 575 4-12