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[Specific detection of Fe2+] FeRhoNox™-1

For specific detection of Fe2+

  • Specific detection of Fe2+
  • Applicable to live cell imaging of labile Fe2+

FeRhoNox™-1 is a fluorescent imaging probes for detection of iron (II). This probe is localized in Goldi, and react selectively with Fe2+. It can detect Fe2+ in Goldi of living cells.


  • For detection of Fe2+ in aqueous media
  • For detection of labile iron in living cells

The feature of FeRhoNox™-1 (after reduction)

λabs 540 nm

λFl 575 nm

Figure 1. The reaction mechanism of Fe<STRONG>RhoNox-1</STRONG>™ and Fe2+ Figure 1. The reaction mechanism of FeRhoNox™-1 and Fe2+

Figure 2. The fluorescent spectra of Fe<STRONG>RhoNox-1</STRONG>™ after treated with Fe2+ Figure 2. The fluorescent spectra of FeRhoNox™-1 after treated with Fe2+

FeRhoNox™-1 was treated with Fe2+ for 1 h at 37℃. After reacted, the fluorescence intensity increased at 575 nm.

Figure 3. Iron (II) detection of by Fe<STRONG>RhoNox-1</STRONG>™ in HepG2 cells Figure 3. Iron (II) detection of by FeRhoNox™-1 in HepG2 cells

HepG2 cells were treated with Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 (FAS; 100 µM) for 0.5 hr, then FeRhoNox-1 (5 µM) was added and incubated for 1 hrF.

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