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TokyoGreen®–βGal is permeable through the cell membrane and is fluorescent substrate (9-(4‘-methoxy-2’-methylphenyl)- 6-(β-D-galactopylanosyloxy) -xanthen-3-one) for detecting β-galactosidase. Cell lysis or fixation is not need since TokyoGreen®–βGal is taken into the cell. TokyoGreen®–βGal is applicable to the experiments of gene targeting and the cell cloning by using lacZ as gene marker.


  • TokyoGreen®–βGal is recently-developed fluorescent chemical detecting the activity of β-galactosidase in living cells.
  • TokyoGreen®–βGal is permeable through the cell membrane. Cell lysis, which is necessary for the previous colorreaction using ONPG, is not needed.
  • Applicable to the measurement using fluorescence fluoroscopy or plate reader, since fluorescence in the reaction buffer ranges uniform.
  • Able to continue culturing cells after the measurement of the β-galactosidase activation, because the reagent is removable by replacing the culture medium for several times.

Principle of the measurement

Non-fluorescent TokyoGreen®βGal is taken into the cell, is hydrolyzed by the β-galactosidase, and generates bright fluorescent TokyoGreen®. TokyoGreen® is also permeable through the cell membrane, so that generated TokyoGreen® diffuses uniformly in the culture medium and that the whole medium makes green fluorescence (510 nm) when it is irradiated by the 490 nm excitation light.


TokyoGreen®βGal 1mg (5 mM in DMSO 0.4mL)
C27H26O9               Mw:494.49


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