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~For gene analysis of lacZ in ‘live’ cell~

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GC601GlycoYELLOW™-βGal50μg×10$ 598.00
  • Usable for Live Cell Imaging
  • High sensitivity
  • Superior retentivity in cells

GlycoYELLOW™βGal is a specific fluorescent probe for detection of β-galactosidase. It can be applied to fluorescent imaging and selection of cell and tissue transfected with lacZ.

Because GlycoYELLOW™βGal is almost non-fluorescent in the absence of β-galactosidase, this probe exhibits good S/N ratio.

GlycoYELLOW™–βGal is suitable for

  • Gene analysis by fluorescent imaging.
  • Monitoring transfection efficiency and live cell imaging of transfected cell.
  • Study in promoter or enhancer

Feature of GlycoYELLOW™–βGal

λabs 525 nm*

λfl 543 nm

*Excitation by 488nm laser is also possible.

Figure 1. Mechanism of fluorescence generation from GlycoYELLOW™βGal.

Usable for Live Cell Imaging

Mean fluorescence intensity in cells of

λabs 525 nm*

λfl 543 nm

*Excitation by 488nm laser is also possible.

Figure 2. Live cell imaging of 293/LacZ (β-galactosidase expressing cell line) and HEK293 cell by using GlycoYELLOW™βGal. Comparing these cell lines, strong fluorescence derived from GlycoYELLOW™βGal was observed inside 293/LacZ cells.

High Sensitivity

Figure 3. Fluorescence spectra of GlycoYELLOW™βGal before and after hydrolysis by β-galactosidase; GlycoYELLOW™βGal was treated with β-galactosidase (3 unit) for 30 min at 37℃. Fluorescence intensity at 547nm was increased 37 fold after reaction.

Superior retentivity in cells


Figure 4. (a) Time-lapse observation of 293/LacZ cell (β-galactosidase expressing cell) treated with GlycoYELLOW™βGal. (b) Time course of the fluorescence intensity averages in area 1-5 of figure 3a. Error bars : ±s.d.
This result indicated that GlycoYELLOW™βGal possesses excellent retention ability inside the cell.


Mako Kamiya, Daisuke Asanuma, Erina Kuranaga, Asuka Takeishi, Masayo Sakabe, Masayuki Miura, Tetsuo Nagano, and Yasuteru Urano J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 12960-12963

GlycoYELLOW™βGal is referred as HMDER-βGal in the above communication.

GlycoYELLOW™βGal were commercialized by Goryo Chemical, Inc. under the guidance of Prof. Yasuteru Urano. (Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Molecular Imaging, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)

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